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Fri, 20 Apr 2012 «permalink»

Matt Gemmell:

I’ve previously written at some length about the evils of religion, but they pale against a far greater, more pernicious, more widespread blight on society. Religion itself, as always, continues to support and propagate this greater cruelty. And unlike religion, sadly, it’s not being rapidly abandoned by the more civilised countries and enlightened people.

Do you know the word “misandry”? You probably don’t, or you didn’t until you just looked it up. It’s a relatively modern word; about 70 years old. It means a hatred of men.

You do, however, almost certainly know the word misogyny. It’s an older word; something of the order of a few centuries. The hatred of women. The modern ‘misandry’ is modelled on the pattern of the older ‘misogyny’. The etymology is both factually true and deeply symbolic.

This is an absolute must-read. It doesn’t matter if you think the criticism doesn’t apply to you, or even if you just “don’t care” or “aren’t interested”. This is assigned reading, and there will be a test at the end.