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Sun, 29 Apr 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

Not too much from me over the weekend, and you probably won’t see too much of me this week either. Hopefully I’ll pick back up writing again next weekend. That whole life thing just gets in the way.

  1. I have final exams this week.
  2. Outside of final exams, I’m spending a great deal of time putting together some resources for the lab. I’m going to be teaching an introductory programming class in Java for some highschoolers over the summer via our TechConnect program, as well as helping out with the Dynamic Walking conference organization as the date nears. On top of that, there’s a laundry list of stuff that needs to be done by me and the summer interns, so I’m putting together some resources and tasks that need to be addressed on that front. It’s a lot.
  3. Development on my first potentially commercial iOS app has begun. I’ve been in the planning stages on it for around a month, and in between study breaks this weekend I’ve begun sifting through the Apple documentation and tutorials, and toying around with Xcode. This bullet point is probably going to be taking up a great deal of time after I wrap up on finals, as I hope to have a great deal of the hard work done by the end of the summer before classes start back up and get the app out in to device testing. I’ve probably jinxed myself by talking about it, but I’m excited so I wanted to at least say something.
  4. My Arduino project is still going along swimmingly, and that will still be eating in to my weekends going forward. But it’s definitely something I’m having a lot of fun with.