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Slide Deck: A Short Talk on Heterogeneous Computing

Thu, 07 Jun 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

Every now and again on a Thursday, we like to hold what we call a Learning Lunch in the lab. Anyone can sign up to host one, and they are in charge of putting together a 30 - 60 minute long presentation for the lab discussing a topic of their choice. The host also has to coordinate ordering food for everyone and collecting money, but that’s neither here nor there.

Point is, I gave a 1 hour talk today about GPGPU computing, a field that I was involved with for around a year and a half before switching over to robotics. I’m posting my slide deck from this talk, just for funsies.

Just as a heads up, I haven’t been involved with that field for nearly two years, and the nature of this talk is also not a highly technical one; most of the people in our lab aren’t Computer Scientists or Algorithms experts, so this was never intended to be a technical talk. Our learning lunches are also highly interactive and unfortunately not recorded, so a great deal of the information from my talk won’t be available to you. That said, between the slides and the presentation notes you should be able to get the idea behind the talk.

You can find my Keynote slides here.
PDF formatted slides available here.


This slide deck is now available on Speaker Deck: