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Tonx Coffee

Sun, 17 Jun 2012 «permalink»

From all accounts, Tonx coffee is supposed to be wonderful. The gist of it is that you sign up for a coffee subscription, and they coordinate their shipping so that your coffee beans arrive on your doorstep around 2-3 days after they’re roasted; this is right around the perfect amount of time for flavor to develop in roasted beans without cutting in to the amount of time that they’ll stay fresh without going stale.

Marco Arment even compared Tonx coffee to Stumptown beans, high praise indeed.

$38/month for 24 oz of coffee may seem expensive, especially if you’re used to picking up a pound of supermarket special for like $10 bucks. But, if you break it down the way Marco did in his Tonx review, you see that even at $38/month you’re still spending less money than if you were to buy a cup of coffee from Starbuck’s or even Tim Horton’s/McDonald’s every morning. They also offer a half-sack, sending 6 oz of coffee every other week instead of 12.

Anyway. You also get a free trial with every subscription, a one-shot brew with a two-week time frame for you to cancel your subscription if you’re not happy. Give them a try. And if you’d like to throw in a little support to the site, you can use this referral link instead of the title link and I’ll get some free coffee. I’m never above a shameless plug.