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Some American Eagle Scouts Have Begun Returning Their Medals to Protest The BSA's Homophobic Policies

Sun, 22 Jul 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

While scouting is an international past-time, individual countries typically have their own independent organizations that oversee scouting troops in their own countries.

The Boy Scouts of America tend to align themselves with very conservative/right-wing moralities. The World Organization of Scouting Movement requires all Scout Oaths to include a declaration of obedience to a Higher Power (in the American case, God). As an extension of this, the Boy Scouts of America have long held an official policy that boys who identify as gay are not permitted to be scouts. While it is contingent on each local troop actually enforcing this restriction, which is not always the case, the organization is broadly identified as an one that is hostile to the LGBT community, whether for religious reasons or not.

Now, however, many adults that hold Scouting’s highest honor (the Eagle Scout medal) are returning their medals to the BSA National Council along with a letter expressing their feelings towards this policy. This seems to be a result of the BSA National Council’s recent ruling after a two-year-long review process of the policy, at which point they decided that it would remain in effect.

On July 19th, Seattle resident Jim Morrison sent his medal back. Blog posted a letter from a Martin Cizmar on their Facebook page. Many other Eagle Scouts have followed suit.

We can only hope that this will have some effect on moving us forward in to a more civilized society where we can all be kind and loving towards are fellow man, but it makes me sad when I think about how far we still have to go with such prominent establishments getting away with this sort of behavior and forcing the hands of people like this.