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15 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Dark Night Rises' Filming (Possible Spoilers?)

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 «permalink»

Christopher Nolan has always been legendarily averse to CGI, especially in his filming of the Batman trilogy. This leads to some interesting developments during filming, such as:

15. They Gave Away Prizes To Keep Extras From Leaving

The football stadium scene in Gotham City had twelve thousand extras. Most movies these days use CGI to fill in the crowd, but Nolan prefers to use real people. Unfortunately for the shoot, it’s not uncommon for half the extras to leave before filming is complete. Plus, the extras had to bundle up in scarves and heavy coats in the hundred-plus-degree heat of a Pittsburgh summer to make people believe the scene’s chilly late fall setting.

“It’s not uncommon to have five hundred extras at the start of the day, and have only two hundred by the middle.” co-producer Jordan Goldberg said. “For this scene in Pittsburgh, we needed more than ten thousand extras, and if a half or a third of them left by midday, we would have been in real trouble, because we were in a football stadium and everyone was going to be in view. But it was a tough order to expect thousands of people to stick around for a whole long day of shooting.”

To keep the crowd engaged between the long, boring hot times between filming they raffled off prizes like iPads and a car. They also had the Batmobile-like “Tumblers” show up even though they weren’t needed for the scenes.

In this vein, here’s a video of Tom Hardy in character costume as Bane1 raffling off an iPad:

  1. Tangentially, the vision for Bane brought to the screen by Tom Hardy for The Dark Knight Rises is ridiculously amazing. Heath Ledger may have been a more terrifying actor in his role as the joker, but as a character Bane is truly a manifestation of nemesis and menace. You should really go see this movie if you haven’t.