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OnLive Cloud Gaming Service Commits to OUYA

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

For those unfamiliar, OUYA is a kickstarted project that has been kicking up a lot of steam over the past few weeks. They intend to bring a revolutionary console gaming experience to consumers by building an Android-based gaming console to lower the barrier of entry for new game developers that want to produce console-caliber games; console development is notoriously expensive and swathed in red tape.

Whether or not you think the project is viable, securing a partnership with OnLive is a great way to give yourself some street creed.

The OnLive gaming service is a unique content delivery platform, where you pay for an OnLive subscription in return for access to a massive library of games; the catch is that these games aren’t run on your local machine. Rather, they are being run on a server farm somewhere up in The Cloud and the OnLive client provides you an interface to send commands while delivering the rendered gameplay over the Internet. In other words, you’re remotely playing a game running on somebody else’s computer. It breaks down a lot of walls that normally come up when discussing PC gaming; cross-platform compatibility (OnLive has a Mac client), system requirements, etc.

OnLive already distributes their own “console” but they are no strangers to apps; they’ve had an iOS app in App Store Review Limbo for as long as I can remember. Committing a port of their Android app over to OUYA (which should be mostly trivial) is a great way to guarantee an impressive launch library for the OUYA folks.