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The Future of 6Wunderkinder - Auf Wiedersehen Wunderkit and Hello Wunderlist 2

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 «permalink»

Wunderlist was my first ever grown-up To Do app; I was a poor starving college student who couldn’t afford OmniFocus[^1], I wanted an awesome application with syncing, and they just so happened to release their product around the same time that I was really starting to get in to the idea of taking efforts to increase my productivity while decreasing the amount of stress in my life.

6Wunderkinder makes awesome products, and while I’m an OmniFocus user now I still have fond memories of Wunderlist and would still recommend it to anyone looking for a free alternative that trades in some of OmniFocus’s features for extreme simplicity and free-ness. I signed up for Wunderkit, played around with the beta, but never really started using it. So I’m not heartbroken that they’re shuttering the project. But I’m definitely interested in seeing what Wunderlist 2 is going to look like, even though I’m very very happy and firmly entrenched in the world of OmniFocus now. If you aren’t one of the OmniNerds, I highly recommend checking out Wunderlist in its current incarnation.