Mild-Mannered Canadian Fury

Doug Stephen is Politely Peeved

Some Winnipeg journalists are considering picking a different beer league game each week and covering it as though it were NHL caliber

Thu, 20 Sep 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

Winnipeg, home of the Winnipeg Jets NHL team and my home back in Canada, is a city that loves hockey. We went 15 years without a team when the original Jets were sold to become the Phoenix Coyotes, and anyone that watched a Jets home game last year will tell you that the long drought has turned Winnipeggers in to some of the most rabid fans in hockey.

So of course, Winnipeg hockey fans would get uppity about this year’s potential lockout which has already claimed the preseason.

I was hazily flipping through reddit on my iPhone laying in bed this morning when I stumbled on to this. The response from the journalists is just too cool, and I really really hope it happens if the whole season locks out. If you’re a fan of hockey, I encourage you to take to the Twittersphere and harass these fine writer-type folk. Make it happen.