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Flatlining user base spells end of RIM’s growth story

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 «permalink»

A decade after Research In Motion Ltd. introduced its first smartphone, the tribe of BlackBerry users has stopped growing.

RIM is in the midst of a long-running slump in sales, but despite that, it has still managed to sell enough devices to keep adding to the BlackBerry user base, albeit slowly. In August, 2011, RIM said it had surpassed 70 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide; the most recent number, as of early June, was 78 million.

But this could be the week that once-phenomenal growth story finally ends. Some analysts believe the total number of BlackBerry users is now declining – or on the verge of declining – as existing customers abandon RIM in greater numbers than new customers sign up.

Interestingly, when I was in Winnipeg back in August, everyone that I talked to (none of whom are even a little tech savvy) insisted that RIM would just be bought by Samsung, as if it was a fact that had been announced in some official capacity.

I guess they could do it to snap up their patent portfolio and IP. But I just can’t understand why anyone would want to buy a company whose products are so shitty that they’ve completely corrupted the brand. Could you ever picture anyone going out to buy a Samsung BlackBerry Nexus S5 Note Enterprise Edition?

Neither can I.

(via The Loop)