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[IROS 2012] DARPA Robotics Challenge Update

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 Ā«permalinkĀ»

Dr. Gill Pratt from DARPA delivered the plenary talk at this year’s IROS conference to discuss the DARPA Robotics Challenge. It kicks off this week, and like all of the previous DARPA challenges, it looks to be a hell of a challenging and interesting project for all involved. I couldn’t be happier to be one of the key personnel on IHMC’s DRC team; if you’d told me even three years ago that I’d be participating in a DARPA Challenge I’d probably have laughed at you.

IEEE Spectrum has a decent collection of links and videos related to the challenge in the source article. Check it out. And remember, if you’re a software geek that wants the opportunity to work on the DRC while living on the gorgeous Emerald Coast, we’re hiring for our DRC team (and a few other positions). A few of those positions don’t require a background in robotics, so don’t be scared about that. Get in there.