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GitHub adds STL File Viewer to repos

Tue, 09 Apr 2013 Ā«permalinkĀ»

From the GitHub blog:

Here at GitHub, we’re always excited to see people using GitHub to collaborate on all sorts of things, code or non-code. Today, we’re adding a third dimension by making it easier to view some 3D models, specifically STL files, on GitHub.

I’m a big fan of GitHub and what they do for the open source community; it’s very difficult to argue against the fact that since they launched a few years ago they have done a great deal of work to empower tinkerers and hackers all over the world by shipping an absolutely fantastic product that makes Open Source accessible and public-facing.

Making STL files first-class citizens is a pretty cool idea; STL files are produced by various CAD (Computer Assisted Design) applications and can be fed directly in to almost any 3D printer, devices which have become insanely popular and have also revolutionized the way people rapid prototype physical objects. We’re in a hardware-focused revolution right now, where individuals with access to tools like 3D printers and funds from services like Kickstarter and start to toy around with ideas that used to live solely in the realm of the corporate industry, so it’s pretty cool to see that GitHub is willing to ship a feature that embraces this huge shift.

Very, very cool feature.