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Kevin Smith talks about Superman

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 «permalink»

I’m a fan of his movies, but not always a fan of him speaking. That said, this Q&A response is well worth the listen. It’s an entertaining look in to the absurdity of what some people will do with power. I also find that, whether or not it was intended to be, this makes a great a parable for anyone in a creative/knowledge-worker field with outside accountability (management, clients, etc.).


As a bonus, here’s a snapshot of the one true god, Nic Cage, dressed as Superman in some test shots for Tim Burton.

I'm a vampire! Photo source here.

And if Smith’s story isn’t crazy enough for you, a successfully funded Kickstarter to create a documentary about the failed movie closed funding in March, so we may get to here more about Jon Peters’ shenanigans soon enough.