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What’s In a Tomato

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 «permalink»

You may have caught whiff of Rob’s name when his Soylent concoction bubbled in to the media for a while (see this Vice interview as well). Since that time, he continues to discuss and share his insights in to the world of nutrition. It should be noted, as Rob will tell you himself, that he isn’t a doctor.

One little chunk of the article that jumped out at me:

I purchased this tomato at a farmers’ market in San Francisco. It cost me 60 cents, which is about half the price of a supermarket tomato, and contains 25 calories. That’s 2.4 cents / calorie. By comparison, a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s costs 99 cents and contains 440 calories, which is 0.225 cents / calorie, more than an order of magnitude more cost effective. It would cost me $130/day to live on supermarket tomatoes, $65/day to live on farmers’ market tomatoes, and $6/day to live on cheeseburgers. It’s no wonder the poor eat poorly.

Food for thought.