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Steve Jobs introduces AirPort Wireless Internet

Tue, 07 May 2013 «permalink»

A lot of people forget, or never knew, that the first wireless-networking-enabled, 802.11x compliant computer1 was the iBook.

A lot of people also forget/don’t know that the name Wi-Fi, what we now consider the canonical name for wireless networking, wasn’t coined by the IEEE or engineers that created the protocol, but rather a brand consultancy hired by the Wi-Fi Alliance. In fact, the name AirPort was used by Apple months before the Alliance unveiled their chosen name of Wi-Fi. You could make a strong argument that the “real” name of the 802.11x protocols could in fact be AirPort.

Either way. Such a cool video. Vintage Steve showmanship. The hula hoop is just a perfect sell.

(via MG Siegler)

  1. Which is the set of protocol standards that we now call Wi-Fi.