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DARPA and OSRF Robotics Challenge AMA Tomorrow at 1PM EST

Wed, 26 Jun 2013 «permalink»

Gill Pratt, the Program Manager for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, and Nate Koenig, the CTO of the Open Source Robotics Foundation, will be conducting an AMA on Reddit tomorrow at 1PM EST.

I always suggest tuning in to these sorts of DARPA events, because they usually coincide with some sort of press announcement or discussion of the events in question. The AMA is focusing on the DARPA Robotics Challenge (or DRC), spiritual successor to the Urban Challenge and the original Grand Challenge — the competition that spawned Google’s Self-Driving Car initiative. The DRC is what a large group of us back at the lab have been working on since last October when it was announced, and it’s been a wild ride. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, and it’s still early days in the contest.

Gill and Nate will most definitely have some cool stuff to share with us tomorrow. Stop in on your lunch break.